Monday, March 14, 2011

Shameful neglect

Before I realized the extent of the problem, I tried to clean off some tombstones in order to read the names. The modicum of respect for the dead should be that their names are left visible when they have stones that still bear their names. After trying to clean off the first few stones to read who I was paying respects to, I saw that this was a systematic problem at Bellview Cemetery and started to leave them as I found them in order to take pictures for evidence. The photos posted here are not meant to illustrate the extent of the problem- this is only a sampling of the obvious disrespect rampant here. There is NO EXCUSE for a cemetery to care so little about those who are buried there as to let so many stones become buried and unreadable. Is it any wonder that so many graves have been "lost" here? Management apparently cannot be bothered to keep soil and weeds from overtaking the identities of the deceased.

Remember: this isn't the problem of a small grounds crew and management that could not take proper care of these graves. They have made an conspicuous show of how well they tend to modern Slavic graves. The attention to these graves is so over the top in abject contrast to the care given the historical graves in this cemetery it is unconscionable.

Not one modern grave is left unadorned, yet the only adornment for the graves that preexisted this church's ownership of these grounds seems to be mud, gravel, weeds, and animal droppings.

Is this responsible cemetery management- and how can a church, of all possible owners- allow this to happen?

As cemetery management obviously has problems tending to their mission, I have a mind to go out here with a shovel myself, though I need some garden tools and some help. The community should not have to volunteer as this is supposedly a professionally managed cemetery- one whose tagline on its website is "Service you can trust!" However, reality seems to be harsh and unmistakable. The management's utter disregard for historical graves is as undeniable as it is atrocious.

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