Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Find a Grave

The site "Find a Grave" has 708 burials at Bellview Cemetery online so far, including several of the neglected plots. Even Natividad Gomez is included with photo. However, George Wilson (one that that I partially uncovered in order to read the name in the post below), is not listed. I will update his listing at Find a Grave as soon as I have a chance to go back out to Bellview and clean a few of these markers up to photograph as I'm sure they were overlooked previously.

Most of these listings include photos, so perhaps my intended task of photographing all and posting them here will be a much smaller endeavor than I imagined.



  1. I have a brother that was buried there in august 29 th 1964 his name is alvie lee crooms he lived 2 hours I would like to find out where hes at so I can buy a headstone his birth certificate says bellview cemetary my mother is patricia crooms maiden McKnight you can call me or email me april small 707-463-2769 smallsdaytona@yahoo.com

  2. My Great Grandmother was buried there in 1965. I knew she wasn't at peace as soon as I stepped in the cemetery. I walked around that whole cemetery looking for her but couldn't find nothing. The lady in the office rushed me off the phone when I asked for specific information. They seem very suspicious to me and they had woodboards covering 3 empty plots. I'm never going to find her and will never be able to feel close to her.