Monday, March 14, 2011

Cemetery Listings

"Old Bellview Cemetery" listing:

Slightly more complete Bellview Cemetery listing compiled in 2009 as an Eagle Scout project:

It is my intention to photo-catalog the markers here eventually. There are a number already online thanks to Shelley Lewis of the Sloughouse Area Genealogical Society/Tombstone Transcription Project.

I have not yet started methodically plotting the visible markers at this cemetery, but I do know that I have at least one name/grave that was not captured by any of the above lists, which is why I want very much to photograph every marker in this cemetery. The dead deserve our reverence and respect. It is a shame that this cemetery has been the victim of such utter disregard and mismanagement over the years, but the people who were interred here deserve at least to have their names known and their markers available online for their descendants and relatives to be able to see. I hope that living relatives of the deceased will make a visit and try to care for their loved one's graves as it is apparent the current management is not doing its due duty for the deceased.

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