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Archived email from a genealogical volunteer

This message seems to have some misinformation and a lot of misspellings but it is valuable because the volunteer in question had spoken to the cemetery owner in 2004 and was told that there were records for both cemeteries (in this case meaning Bellview in the back and "Quiet Haven" near the road) but the records were in disorder. If the records for these cemeteries exist, then why haven't the misplaced markers been put back on their associated graves?

From: [email suppressed]
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2004 7:04 PM
Subject: Information and entrance photos for Quite Haven & Bellview Cemetery

Hi Peggy,
I thought I would drop you a line to update you on some cemeteries here in Sacramento,
Sacramento County, California. There appears to be a lot of confusion on both these
cemeteries and since I recently went through that confusion myself, I thought I would
share with you what I did find in hopes no one else has to go through that experience.

The Cemetery's are that of Bellview Cemetery (also spelled Bellevue or Belleview by many)
and that of Quite Haven Memorial Park Cemetery - AKA - Arlington Memorial Cemetery.
The confusion I found lays in that many think they are all 1 cemetery. NOT TRUE! Indeed,
both Cemeteries are on the same property and own by the same owner, but they are 2
different cemeteries all together with different names. Arlington Cemetery might have been
the old name but the new name is Quite Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. It is located at
9899 Elder Creek Road in Sacramento. It is clearly seen from Elder Creek Road and has a
sign and address on the gate. The Russian Slavic Church now owns BOTH cemeteries.
The contact person for the cemeteries is Victor. Victor's phone number is 369-5520.
Victor says that they have cemetery records for both Cemeteries but the records are not in
order and will not do look up's at this time. He suggests that one just walk the cemetery to
find a grave. He says the Church will be working on these records and will have them available
on there website he hopes soon. Here is their website for both cemeteries.

Next confusion. The Bellview Cemetery is on the same property as the Quite Haven Memorial
Park Cemetery, but is NOT visible from Elder Creek Road and no sign is posted on the gate of
Quite Haven Cemetery, thus one would never know there is even another cemetery on the property.
Therefore, I thought I would give one some directions to the Bellview Cemetery. One would go to
the Quite Haven Memorial Park Cemetery and drive through the gate into the parking lot. Keep
driving through the parking lot until it dead ends and then turn left. Keep going until it dead ends
again and turn right. Go pass a house that is sitting on your right into another gate and you will
see the Bellview Cemetery. There, in the middle of the cemetery, is a lovely maker which explains
about the Bellview Cemetery which I took a photo of and have attached for you viewing. This part
cemetery is not as well cared for as the Quite Haven Cemetery. Although I did see some
improvements upon my second visit. Lots of critters running around, so be careful is my word of
caution. Ground gophers, Rabbits, flies, and yes, even some snakes. It is very isolated except for
the house near the cemetery entrance I suggest one take someone with them and not go alone.
Very little shade, so take a hat and lots of water. And watch for the holes that the gofers have made
under headstones.

You website adds to the confusion and lists Old Belleview Cemetery as part of Arlington
Cemetery - AKA Quit Haven Cemetery. Indeed, I am interest in old names and new names of
cemeteries as well but I feel more should be added on your website to limit the confusion of these
two different cemeteries. I hope you agree! Maybe you did not have this information before, therefore
I am in hope that my information to you in this E-mail is helpful.

Thank you so much Peggy for all your efforts and God Bless you & yours....

[name omitted]

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