Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Further examples of neglect

Don't forget for a second that each of these markers represent people who were laid to rest here by families that loved them.

Yes, this a very old stone that is now illegible. It once had paint on it but that has faded. Why is this where debris is collected? Are the remains of anyone else under the rubbish?

I still cannot fathom how a church can allow this to happen to a cemetery they bought and promised to "clean up" over a decade ago. Bethany Slavic Missionary Church is one of the area's "Megachurches" with well over 3,000 people in its congregation. Over 3,000 members, and they cannot get a dozen volunteers to perform their "Christian duty" to take properly care of the resting places of the deceased that their church willingly and readily purchased? Don't forget that ALL modern Slavic graves are immaculate and extravagantly cared for at both cemeteries in Quiet Haven Memorial Park. The dichotomy is palpable and pathetic. It is clear that management feels the only graves worth caring for are deceased church members. I hate to say that, but there is really no other conclusion to draw in light of the apparent and overwhelming evidence.


  1. I have more history on the cemetery. Please contact me: elindstr@gmail.com

  2. Is the situation with cementery still the same? I was hoping to find relative from there, died 6th of January 1962