Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heringer Family

As I think it is important to remember that each burial represents a person that had a life story and had a family that cared for them, I'm including a partial genealogy of a family that used this cemetery that I found by accident during a Google search.


According to Find a Grave, there are three Heringers listed in Bellview Cemetery: John , Geertje, and Jennie. They were born in Holland and immigrated to America to eventually settle in the farmland surrounding Bellview Cemetery. Geertje died in 1898, John in 1902 , and at least one of their children, Jennie, was also buried here in 1898. There are no pictures of their headstones, so I wonder if they just have not been uploaded or if they are among the hundreds of missing markers in this cemetery.

Their story from the "Five Families" site:

John Heringa, later changed to Heringer, was born 16 March 1819, in the province of Groningén, Holland, his parents being Peter and Geertje Heringa. The later died when John was seven years old and the former died two years later, in 1829. In the family which survived they were two children, one son and a daughter. They both lived with their grandmother, but when John was twelve years of age he was bound out to farm work for six months in the adjoining county of Birum, at the expiration of which time he went to live with an uncle in Appingedam, who kept a dry-goods store and manufactured woolen goods. John remained with him nine years and learned the weaving trade, at which he Worked part of the time and the rest of the time at farming following nine years he served in the army, then in 185 he was engaged on the police.-force in the own of Oppenhuezen. While there he met Geertje Joustra, a native of Oppénhuezen, in Friesland, born 29 Jan 1835, whom he Married in 1857. On 19 July 1868, having saved $1,100, they started for America, sailing from Liverpool and landing in Boston., thence to New York, where they arrived after a voyage of fourteen days.

After stopping New York three days they took a steamer for Panama, thence to San Francisco, landing 14 Sept 1868. The next day they came to Sacramento, where a friend and a countryman, sold them a small ranch of thirty acres, located in the Merritt District, Yolo County, for $600. They next invested $300 in cows and started in the dairy business. They lived there three years then sold the place for $1000 and bought 160 acres, devoted to general farming, in Sacramento County, located near what is now Mather Field Air Base. Mr. Heringa died 31 Jan 1902; Mrs. Heringa died 3 Mar 1898, both are buried in Bell View Cemetery, Sacramento County. All children, except Charles, born in Oppenhuezen, Friesland, Holland.

2+ Peter, b 27 Sept 1859; d 19 June 1946; in 25 Dec 1890, Ella Brinupkey
3+Josepha, b 6 Oct 1861; d 13 Mar 1912; in 29 Aug 1885; Martha Tromp (6)
4+Jöhn, b 12 June 1863; d 30 Aug 1906; in 7 Oct 1887, Charlotte Pylman.
5+Jennie, b 9 Mar 1866; d 11 Oct 1898; in 29 Jan 1886, Hiram Bish.
6+ Charles, b 4 Dec 1877; d 25 Apr 1946; in Tillie Annie Moore.

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